New​ ​Visitor​ ​Tracking​ ​Service

New​ ​Visitor​ ​Tracking​ ​Service

Turn your website into a client generator
At any given moment, the majority of your website visitors are invisible. Stats state you are not aware of at least 90% of the traffic to your website. Many are warm or hot prospects actively engaging with your content to figure out if you can deliver what they’re looking for. But since you don’t know this, you’re losing out on the ability to strike when the iron is hot. 411biz can solve this problem by helping your team track visitors coming to your website. 411biz has recently entered into offering its clients a Visitor Tracking Service. 411biz is proud to provide and offer this unique service. It’s a new specialty for us. We are now able to provide our clients with a real-time visitor report because we can track visitors to your website and interact with them instantly.

Instant reporting and instant communication
This is an interactive report showing visitor activity in real-time. Every visitor is assigned a profile that contains a wide range of information including current and previous visit data, location information, device specs, connection data, and much more. The report is a clickable list of online visitors to your website. Each individual is represented as an icon. By clicking on an icon you will see the full clickstream of the website visitor through your site, dating back to their first recorded visit. You’ll see details like which pages they viewed and which keywords they searched. And as soon as someone visits your website we will be there right away to greet them through an instant messaging window. We will pleasantly greet them on your behalf, find out the reason for their visit, and inform you right away with the information they provided.

Complete profiles and information
You will also see complete visitor profiles. The profiles present full visit details, such as search terms, company, and the pages they viewed. We can enter these details instantly and send them directly to you so you will have a potential client’s name, company, email and contact info. We’ll identify users and tag them so you can follow or look them up another time. This is invaluable information for you to use for an email campaign or to track hot prospects or leads later on. In sales, timing is everything. Given that today’s buyers gather most of their information before ever talking to you, it’s critical that salespeople have insight into what occurred during the buyer’s research phase. A Visitor Tracking Service with 411biz allows your sales team to reach out warmly and effectively, with insight into potential client interests based on the web pages they’ve visited, content they’ve downloaded, search terms they’ve used, and much more.

More tools at a great price
A Visitor Tracking Service with 411biz is the perfect complement to traditional website analytical tools. Rather than website performance or overall trends, a Visitor Tracking Service gathers data about each unique person who visits your site, giving you more valuable information about potential clients. And if you think such a service is going to break your budget, think again. What 411biz is charging its clients is the best competitive price in the business. Just another way 411biz helps its business clients reach new levels. Until next time…

Power your business with a 411biz Power Listing

Power your business with a 411biz Power Listing

Control your company’s listing

Inconsistent business information across online directories, GPS devices, social networks, and search engines costs you potential sales. A Power Listing with 411biz lets you control your company’s listing on over 60 search engines and directories like Google, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo and Yelp. We partner with the most established and popular search engines, maps, apps and directories across the globe. 411biz works for you so you get found.When it comes to how consumers experience your brand, your website is only the beginning. Today, potential customers use a diverse list of maps, apps, voice search tools, digital assistants, search engines, GPS systems, and social networks to find information about your business. 411 biz believes that when it comes to how consumers experience your brand, you should be in control of what they see.411biz helps you manage the online facts about your brand everywhere they appear so you can proceed with consumer and digital interactions that boost brand awareness, drive foot traffic, and increase sales.We work at driving every online customer search and query, no matter where it takes place, towards your business.

We power your presence to succeed and shine online

-Get the power to do more
-Have your listing seen online
-Be a presence on the internet

Information that’s false or left out when it comes to your online marketing and advertising means you’re losing opportunities all day, everyday. A Power Listing with 411biz lets you produce and control your listings on America’s largest local search network.A Power Listing with 411biz brings your online business to the next level. You get get the power to do more, have your listing seen online, and have a real presence on the internet.
Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp; it doesn’t matter which map, app, voice search tool, digital assistant, search engine, GPS system, or social network consumers use to find and engage with your business. What matters is that they discover accurate, complete, and compelling information about you at every turn.
A 411biz Power Listing puts you in control of the facts about your business on over 60 search engines and directories. Our direct integrations put you in definitive control of how your business listings appear everywhere customers search.

Increase Revenue

Showcase photos, videos, business descriptions, hours and holiday hours, menus, staff bios, products and services, and more.

Help customers choose you by creating the most complete, rich, and accurate presence on all the search engines, maps, apps and local directories where they search for your business. A 411biz Power Listing allows you to control your listings across the web to differentiate your brand from the competition and create measurable business results. Statistics show that listings with enhanced content receive 416% more views than those without. The more views you have, the more customers you’ll get.
411biz is all about human interaction. Our Power Listing helps your business attract customers through that interaction, raise your brand awareness, and increase your revenue. A 411biz Power Listing gives you the power to control how you are seen online and bring your business to the next level.
Isn’t that where your business should be heading?
Until next time…


Promote your business with social media

Promote your business with social media

Customers talk. Since the internet first came online and emails, Facebook and Twitter made communication one click away, it’s been possible for people to quickly spread their thoughts and opinions about anything. This, of course, includes your business.

More and more, people want to discuss the products and services of the businesses they’re dealing with. The internet and social media allow these discussions to take place in public where anyone can read them. Comments on Facebook and Twitter, or even simple emails between people, can spread a positive or negative view on a business as fast as Usain Bolt can run 40 yards. In turn, businesses are more or less forced to have a way they can reply; or else remain silent and seem like they are trying to hide something.
411biz helps organizations use social media to market their message and find new customers, receive feedback from those customers, and increase traffic to their website and raise their search engine ranking. We help businesses use social media in order to take advantage of the opportunity to socialize with consumers in real time. Businesses which use social media also enhance their brand and create awareness of that brand.

Social media networks are the unknown secret weapon of many small businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest help you market and research your products and services through customer interaction, which in turn provides your business with data you can use to improve those products and services. Thus, social media is an invaluable tool for formulating a forward thinking business plan.
Polls show that consumers prefer to contact businesses using social media rather than contact by phone. If your business is not using social media for customer support, you’re losing out on learning what consumers are saying about your business and its products. This information is too important to be unheard. Modern day businesses must learn and use social media to remain competitive.
The smart business owner is using social media to track the consumer’s opinions to see if those opinions have an influence on customer trends. You can monitor and manage discussions, take faster action, give smarter responses, and also project customer needs in advance.

Face it, most of your clients use social media like Facebook and Twitter to communicate. And social media use is on the rise. Twitter states more than half a billion tweets are sent every day. Not every message is about business, but wouldn’t it be good if there were a few positive ones in there about your business?
Social media is the current way people communicate with each other. Businesses wishing to engage with their customers must therefore be using social media also. Whether it’s marketing or customer service, your business gains by taking advantage of what social media offers: improved customer relations. Improving customer relations by demonstrating how your business values its customers will cost you less than hiring a focus group or a market research specialist. And your customers will experience the benefits of communicating with a business which values its customers views and opinions and then acts on them to improve its services and products.

There are numerous advantages of connecting your company to social media, starting with these top three: it helps you find new customers and expand your audience; it allows you to receive instant feedback from your customers’ perspective; and it helps increase website traffic and your search engine ranking. Three great reasons to team with 411biz and take your business to the next level.
Until next time…

Why you need a website

Why you need a website

If you ever did a search on google asking why your business needs a website you’re bound to come up with at least 747,000,000 articles attempting to answer your query.

You’ll find articles telling you how a website is your online brochure where you can display all your products. It will help attract customers because billions of people use the internet and most of them make their purchases online. And, well, by having a website you can show off what you do and take pride in your work.

You’ll find articles like 21 reasons your business needs a website, 8 reasons your business needs a website, why you need a website, and do you really need a website!

By the time you finish researching you’ll be so tired, dazed and confused that
chances are the last thing you’ll want is a website.
(Okay, maybe you’ll still want one but you see how the information overload isn’t really helping you out.)

The thing is, the information in most of these articles is right.

411biz knows that it’s sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to sort through over 700,000,000 articles and then try to make some type of informed decision regarding your website. Most business owners know they want and need a website, they’re just not sure why they need it and how they go about getting it.

That’s where we come in.

411biz knows the whys and hows. We know you need a website because it demonstrates your company’s professionalism; it helps build trust between you and clients; it’s always online even when your business is closed for the day; it’s mobile so clients can access it on the go; and it gives the most reliable updated information about your business. It also helps improve customer service by providing them with value added service, which is the information on your website.

We have the web developers and designers, graphic artists and content writers to put it all together for you. A website developed by 411biz gives your business credibility. Without one, potential customers will most likely go to a competitor that does have a website. A website by 411biz will showcase your work, help you target a wider market, and advertise your business for far less than what you would pay other companies for your website development or what you would pay for newspaper, radio or television ads.

From the get go, developing your online marketing strategy with 411biz saves you money. What business owner doesn’t like that? And when you start integrating your website with other forms of social media like facebook, youtube or twitter, you’ll increase your search engine results without paying more for that result. (That sounds like a good topic for a future post.)
Helping you save money while providing the digital solutions you need. That’s 411biz. Until next time…….

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog

Hi folks. My name is Tom Colson and I’d like to welcome you to the first blog posting of 411biz. In the coming days, weeks, months and years, we’re going to blog about things like websites, powerlistings, and SEOs. We’ll talk, or blog, about why a website is important for your business. We’ll tell you how a powerlisting increases your online visibility. And we’ll tell you how we do all this with our use of SEO. Now of course we know a blog is supposed to be like a discussion, or informative, bulletin in which we provide you news and information about our company and products. So with that said, let me try to briefly explain who we are. 411biz provides digital solutions for small or new businesses. We support our clients with the expertise they need, making it easier for them to compete in a digital business world. We adopt online marketing strategies to meet the demands of an ever changing digital landscape.

We supply you, our clients, solutions in order to custom tailor and deliver your products and services. We offer credibility, reliability and dedication. We’ll manage the entire web site’s development and design, incorporating all the business tools you need. Our aim is simple: giving you digital solutions to achieve the business results you want. We have extensive experience and expertise in providing businesses with digital solutions. We’ll support you with credible, effective and proven methods. We’ll provide you with a marketing strategy for your business that is dependable, reliable and feasible. We’ll do our best to make your business a success because your success is our success. We know digital marketing moves at a frightening speed and that it can be hard to distinguish between what’s useful and what’s not.

At 411biz we keep up to date with new and innovative ways in digital marketing. We know what’s valuable and reliable. We also know it would be selfish to keep this to ourselves. That’s why we started this blog, to share with you, and have you share with us, digital marketing information that will help bring your business to new levels. We always aim high. Well, I guess that’s it for now. But be sure to keep checking in on our blog for more information on things like responsive web design, mobile app development, and social media marketing.

I guarantee you our blog will not only inform you about our products and services, but it’ll show you how we can help your business buzz around the internet at high speed. Until next time………