Hi folks. My name is Tom Colson and I’d like to welcome you to the first blog posting of 411biz. In the coming days, weeks, months and years, we’re going to blog about things like websites, powerlistings, and SEOs. We’ll talk, or blog, about why a website is important for your business. We’ll tell you how a powerlisting increases your online visibility. And we’ll tell you how we do all this with our use of SEO. Now of course we know a blog is supposed to be like a discussion, or informative, bulletin in which we provide you news and information about our company and products. So with that said, let me try to briefly explain who we are. 411biz provides digital solutions for small or new businesses. We support our clients with the expertise they need, making it easier for them to compete in a digital business world. We adopt online marketing strategies to meet the demands of an ever changing digital landscape.

We supply you, our clients, solutions in order to custom tailor and deliver your products and services. We offer credibility, reliability and dedication. We’ll manage the entire web site’s development and design, incorporating all the business tools you need. Our aim is simple: giving you digital solutions to achieve the business results you want. We have extensive experience and expertise in providing businesses with digital solutions. We’ll support you with credible, effective and proven methods. We’ll provide you with a marketing strategy for your business that is dependable, reliable and feasible. We’ll do our best to make your business a success because your success is our success. We know digital marketing moves at a frightening speed and that it can be hard to distinguish between what’s useful and what’s not.

At 411biz we keep up to date with new and innovative ways in digital marketing. We know what’s valuable and reliable. We also know it would be selfish to keep this to ourselves. That’s why we started this blog, to share with you, and have you share with us, digital marketing information that will help bring your business to new levels. We always aim high. Well, I guess that’s it for now. But be sure to keep checking in on our blog for more information on things like responsive web design, mobile app development, and social media marketing.

I guarantee you our blog will not only inform you about our products and services, but it’ll show you how we can help your business buzz around the internet at high speed. Until next time………