If you ever did a search on google asking why your business needs a website you’re bound to come up with at least 747,000,000 articles attempting to answer your query.

You’ll find articles telling you how a website is your online brochure where you can display all your products. It will help attract customers because billions of people use the internet and most of them make their purchases online. And, well, by having a website you can show off what you do and take pride in your work.

You’ll find articles like 21 reasons your business needs a website, 8 reasons your business needs a website, why you need a website, and do you really need a website!

By the time you finish researching you’ll be so tired, dazed and confused that
chances are the last thing you’ll want is a website.
(Okay, maybe you’ll still want one but you see how the information overload isn’t really helping you out.)

The thing is, the information in most of these articles is right.

411biz knows that it’s sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to sort through over 700,000,000 articles and then try to make some type of informed decision regarding your website. Most business owners know they want and need a website, they’re just not sure why they need it and how they go about getting it.

That’s where we come in.

411biz knows the whys and hows. We know you need a website because it demonstrates your company’s professionalism; it helps build trust between you and clients; it’s always online even when your business is closed for the day; it’s mobile so clients can access it on the go; and it gives the most reliable updated information about your business. It also helps improve customer service by providing them with value added service, which is the information on your website.

We have the web developers and designers, graphic artists and content writers to put it all together for you. A website developed by 411biz gives your business credibility. Without one, potential customers will most likely go to a competitor that does have a website. A website by 411biz will showcase your work, help you target a wider market, and advertise your business for far less than what you would pay other companies for your website development or what you would pay for newspaper, radio or television ads.

From the get go, developing your online marketing strategy with 411biz saves you money. What business owner doesn’t like that? And when you start integrating your website with other forms of social media like facebook, youtube or twitter, you’ll increase your search engine results without paying more for that result. (That sounds like a good topic for a future post.)
Helping you save money while providing the digital solutions you need. That’s 411biz. Until next time…….