Customers talk. Since the internet first came online and emails, Facebook and Twitter made communication one click away, it’s been possible for people to quickly spread their thoughts and opinions about anything. This, of course, includes your business.

More and more, people want to discuss the products and services of the businesses they’re dealing with. The internet and social media allow these discussions to take place in public where anyone can read them. Comments on Facebook and Twitter, or even simple emails between people, can spread a positive or negative view on a business as fast as Usain Bolt can run 40 yards. In turn, businesses are more or less forced to have a way they can reply; or else remain silent and seem like they are trying to hide something.
411biz helps organizations use social media to market their message and find new customers, receive feedback from those customers, and increase traffic to their website and raise their search engine ranking. We help businesses use social media in order to take advantage of the opportunity to socialize with consumers in real time. Businesses which use social media also enhance their brand and create awareness of that brand.

Social media networks are the unknown secret weapon of many small businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest help you market and research your products and services through customer interaction, which in turn provides your business with data you can use to improve those products and services. Thus, social media is an invaluable tool for formulating a forward thinking business plan.
Polls show that consumers prefer to contact businesses using social media rather than contact by phone. If your business is not using social media for customer support, you’re losing out on learning what consumers are saying about your business and its products. This information is too important to be unheard. Modern day businesses must learn and use social media to remain competitive.
The smart business owner is using social media to track the consumer’s opinions to see if those opinions have an influence on customer trends. You can monitor and manage discussions, take faster action, give smarter responses, and also project customer needs in advance.

Face it, most of your clients use social media like Facebook and Twitter to communicate. And social media use is on the rise. Twitter states more than half a billion tweets are sent every day. Not every message is about business, but wouldn’t it be good if there were a few positive ones in there about your business?
Social media is the current way people communicate with each other. Businesses wishing to engage with their customers must therefore be using social media also. Whether it’s marketing or customer service, your business gains by taking advantage of what social media offers: improved customer relations. Improving customer relations by demonstrating how your business values its customers will cost you less than hiring a focus group or a market research specialist. And your customers will experience the benefits of communicating with a business which values its customers views and opinions and then acts on them to improve its services and products.

There are numerous advantages of connecting your company to social media, starting with these top three: it helps you find new customers and expand your audience; it allows you to receive instant feedback from your customers’ perspective; and it helps increase website traffic and your search engine ranking. Three great reasons to team with 411biz and take your business to the next level.
Until next time…