Turn your website into a client generator
At any given moment, the majority of your website visitors are invisible. Stats state you are not aware of at least 90% of the traffic to your website. Many are warm or hot prospects actively engaging with your content to figure out if you can deliver what they’re looking for. But since you don’t know this, you’re losing out on the ability to strike when the iron is hot. 411biz can solve this problem by helping your team track visitors coming to your website. 411biz has recently entered into offering its clients a Visitor Tracking Service. 411biz is proud to provide and offer this unique service. It’s a new specialty for us. We are now able to provide our clients with a real-time visitor report because we can track visitors to your website and interact with them instantly.

Instant reporting and instant communication
This is an interactive report showing visitor activity in real-time. Every visitor is assigned a profile that contains a wide range of information including current and previous visit data, location information, device specs, connection data, and much more. The report is a clickable list of online visitors to your website. Each individual is represented as an icon. By clicking on an icon you will see the full clickstream of the website visitor through your site, dating back to their first recorded visit. You’ll see details like which pages they viewed and which keywords they searched. And as soon as someone visits your website we will be there right away to greet them through an instant messaging window. We will pleasantly greet them on your behalf, find out the reason for their visit, and inform you right away with the information they provided.

Complete profiles and information
You will also see complete visitor profiles. The profiles present full visit details, such as search terms, company, and the pages they viewed. We can enter these details instantly and send them directly to you so you will have a potential client’s name, company, email and contact info. We’ll identify users and tag them so you can follow or look them up another time. This is invaluable information for you to use for an email campaign or to track hot prospects or leads later on. In sales, timing is everything. Given that today’s buyers gather most of their information before ever talking to you, it’s critical that salespeople have insight into what occurred during the buyer’s research phase. A Visitor Tracking Service with 411biz allows your sales team to reach out warmly and effectively, with insight into potential client interests based on the web pages they’ve visited, content they’ve downloaded, search terms they’ve used, and much more.

More tools at a great price
A Visitor Tracking Service with 411biz is the perfect complement to traditional website analytical tools. Rather than website performance or overall trends, a Visitor Tracking Service gathers data about each unique person who visits your site, giving you more valuable information about potential clients. And if you think such a service is going to break your budget, think again. What 411biz is charging its clients is the best competitive price in the business. Just another way 411biz helps its business clients reach new levels. Until next time…